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Introduction to the MICRO-FLO


The MICRO-FLO is a paddlewheel flow sensor that accurately senses and measures water and chemical flow.  The MICRO-FLO uses a paddlewheel technology to measure flow.  It is plumbed into exiting chemical feed lines and provides flow measurement via pulse output.  

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The MICRO-FLO flow sensor provides a Hall Effect signal output via 3 wires for easy connection to controllers, or direct to Blue-White pumps with FVS input (flow verification.)  

Product Overview / Features 

  • High accuracy digital paddlewheel technology. 
  • 1/8” FNPT, 1/4” FNPT, 1/2” FNPT, 1/2” MNPT, 1/2” OD Hose Barb, 1/4” OD Tubing, or 3/8” OD Tubing sizes. 
  • Flow rates from 30 to 7000 milliliters per minute. 
  • No display. Sensor only. 5vdc current sinking output 
  • Opaque PVDF chemical-resistant lens. 
  • Weather-resistant Valox PBT enclosure. NEMA 4X 


The MICRO-FLO is designed to read flows in chemical or water lines. It can be installed on tubing, directly to pumps, or on horizontal or vertical pipes.  See the installation section for the best recommendations for flowmeter location. 

The MICRO-FLO should not be used where there is heavy particulate, stringy material, or large debris.  

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