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Flow Meters

Flow Meters - Variable Area Acrylic, Variable Area Polysulfone, Paddlewheel, Ultrasonic

Blue-White® Flow Meters

Flow rate measurement is a critical parameter in many process fluid applications. Blue-White® manufactures highly accurate, robust industrial-grade flow meters designed to accurately measure the amount of fluid passing through them, ensuring fluid control processes run smoothly, safely, and cost-effectively. Blue-White® offers variable area flow meters (rotameters), paddlewheel flow meters, and ultrasonic flow meters, all Made in the USA and ready to ship!

Flow Meters - Variable Area Acrylic, Variable Area Polysulfone, Paddlewheel, Ultrasonic

Explore Flow Meter Technologies

Variable Area Flow Meters

Variable Area Flow Meters

Available in polysulfone and acrylic models, our direct-reading flow meters provide an economical and accurate method of measuring flow.

Digital Paddlewheel Flow Meters

Paddlewheel Flow Meters

Digital paddlewheel flow meters offer a pipe size range of 3/8” to 12”. Functions include rate, total, analog output, batch processing, and flow rate alarm.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Blue-White’s ultrasonic chemicalflow meters accurately measure liquid chemical feed with flow rate readings as low as 10 mL/min.

Flow Meter FAQs

A flow meter is a tool that measures how much fluid or gas moves through a pipe over a given period of time. Depending on the field in which they are used, flow meters go by a variety of names, including flow gauge, flow indicator, liquid meter, flow sensor, etc.

Their common feature is the measurement of flow. Flow meters can measure the volume of water moving through an open channel or a closed conduit. There are several key features that need to be considered when determining the effectiveness of a flow meter for an application. Remote monitoring or direct reading, types of data required, and the frequency of data collection are just a few of those factors.

The following are descriptions of the different applications for flow meters:

Fluid and Flow Characteristics

Pressure, conductivity, temperature, density (or specific gravity), permissible pressure drop, viscosity, and vapor pressure are some of things flow meters measure.

Pressure Ranges

For fluids, in a confined pipe, the force that is applied to move liquid is pressure. The density of the liquid determines the amount of necessary pressure, which indicates the flow rate. When a flow meter measures density and pressure, it uses the data to calculate the flow rate.

Temperature Ranges

A temperature sensor measures the liquids or gases‘ temperature, while a heated flow sensor measures the heat transfer of the material‘s flow.

Most liquid flow monitoring equipment infers flow rate from liquid velocity or kinetic energy change. The pressure differential pushing the liquid through a pipe or conduit determines its velocity. The average velocity measures the flow rate since the pipe’s cross-sectional area is constant. The basic relationship for determining the liquid’s flow rate in such instances is:

  • Q = V x A


  • Q: Pipe liquid flow.
  • V is the flow’s average velocity.
  • A = Pipe’s cross-sectional area.
  • Additional elements that affect liquid flow rate include viscosity and density, as well as pipe friction.

The frequency of necessary maintenance and the expected lifetime of flow meters are affected by various factors. Matching the appropriate technology to the specific application is the most important factor. Poorly chosen devices will always have issues. In general, flow meters without moving parts, such as ultrasonic flow meters, need less maintenance than their mechanical counterparts.

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