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Introduction to the F-440 Flow Meter


The F-440 Flow Meter is a variable area style flow meter designed to mount in-line vertically to water pipes or panel mounted as part of a water system. The F-440 Flow Meter has been an industry standard in the water market for over 50 years. The accuracy, simple design, easy installation, and affordable pricing make the F-440 an excellent choice for your water flow measurement needs.  

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Product Overview / Features of the F-440 Flow Meter 

  • Installs quickly. 
  • Direct reading permanent scale. 
  • Adapter sizes 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4” M/NPT. Polysulfone adapters.  
  • Vertical installation only. 
  • Flow rates from .025 to 10 GPM, .1 – 37.5 lpm. 
  • One piece molded Polysulfone body. 
  • Not suitable for installation in direct sunlight.  
  • Easy to read dual scale for GPM and LPM.  
  • 316 SS Float and Guide Rod 
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty. 


The F-440 Flow Meter is perfect for water monitoring applications in processing plants, water systems, RO Systems, DI systems, wet processing equipment, cooling systems, and water plants.  The F-440 Flow Meter has excellent temperature, pressures, and chemical resistance.  The F-440 Flow Meter can be installed on any existing Schedule 40 or Schedule 80 pipe, or panel mounted.  Typical solution will be free of debris.  

All F-440 Flow Meters are tested with water.  F-440 Flow Meter may be used suitable for other chemicals. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure it is compatible with the chemical or application in question.  

Ordering Information and Product Matrix 

Flow meters must be ordered with a complete part number, specifying scale, adapter size, and O-ring material. A sample complete part number is F-44250LE-6, indicating  .025 -.25 GPM with .375” MNPT 90 degree Elbow adapter and Viton O-rings. 

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