Tubes and Chemical Compatibility

Tubes and Chemical Compatibility Table

Use the table below to search chemicals and their compatibility with our Flex-A-Prene®, Flex-A-Chem®, and Flex-A-Thane® tubes!

NOTE: 28 Day Immersions at 73°F

E = Excellent
G = Good
F = Fair
U = Not Recommended 

Chemical, Conc. % (1)Flex-A-Prene®Flex-A-Chem®Flex-A-Thane®
Acetate SolventsFUU
Bromine, Anhydrous LiquidUUU
Ethylene ChlorohydrinEEU
Acetic Acid, 10% in wEEG
Ethylene DiamineFUU
Acetic Acid, 50-60% in wGEU
Ethylene DichlorideFUU
Acetic Acid, Glacial, 100%GEU
Butyl AcetateGUU
Ethylene GlycolEEE
Acetic AnhydrideEEU
Butyl AlcoholGEU
Ethylene OxideEEE
Butyric AcidGUU
Fatty AcidsFFG
Calcium Bisulfite, 1% in wEEE
Ferric Chloride, 43% in wEEE
Adipic Acid, 100% in alcGUU
Calcium Bromide 52%EEE
Ferric HydroxideEEU
Calcium Carbonate, 25% acidsEEE
Ferric Nitrate, 60% in wEEE
Alcohols GeneralEEU
Calcium Chlorate, 30% in wEEE
Ferric SaltsEEE
Aliphatic HydrocarbonsUUG
Calcium Chloride, 30% in wEEE
Ferric Sulfate, 5% in wEEE
Allyl AlcoholFEU
Calcium Hydroxide, 10% in glycerolEEU
Ferrous Chloride, 40% in wEEE
Alum, 5% in wEEE
Calcium Hydroxide, 20% in waterEEU
Ferrous SaltsEEE
Aluminum Chloride, 53% in wEEE
Calcium Hypochlorite, 20% in wEEG
Ferrous Sulfate, 5% in wEEE
Aluminum Chlorohydrate 50%EE-
Calcium Nitrate, 55% in wEEE
Fluoborate SaltsEEE
Aluminum Fluoride, 0.1% in wEEE
Calcium Oxide, 3% in wEEE
Fluoboric Acid, 48% in wUEU
Aluminum Hydroxide, 2% in wEEE
Calcium SaltsEEE
Fluorine GasUUU
Aluminum Nitrate, 39% in wEEE
Calcium Sulfate, 1% in wEEE
Fluosilicic Acid, 30% in w (Fluoride)EEF
Aluminum Potassium SulfateEEE
Carbon Dioxide, Wet/DryEEE
Formaldehyde, 37% in wUFU
Aluminum SulfateEEE
Carbon DisulfideUUU
Formic Acid, 25% in wEEF
Aluminum Sulfate, 50% in wEEE
Carbon MonoxideEEE
Formic Acid, 40-50% in wGEU
Aluminum SaltsEEE
Carbon TetrachlorideUUU
Formic Acid, 98% in wGEU
Carbonic AcidEEE
Fruit JuiceEEE
Ammonia, Anhydrous LiquidGGF
Castor OilFGE
Fuel OilUUG
Ammonium Acetate, 45% in wEEG
Ammonium Bifluoride, 50% in wEEE
Cellosolve AcetateFUU
Gallic Acid, 17% in acetoneGUU
Ammonium Bisulfite, 50%EE-
Chloroacetic Acid, 20% in wGEU
Gasoline, AutomotiveUUG
Ammonium Carbonate, 50% in wEEE
Chlorobenzene, Mono, Di, TriUUU
Ammonium Chloride, 23% in wEEE
Glucose, 50% in wEEE
Ammonium Hydroxide, 5-10% in wEEE
Chlorosulfonic AcidUUU
Glycerol, (Glycerin)EEE
Ammonium Hydroxide, 30% in wEEF
Chromic Acid, 10-20% in wEEU
Glycolic Acid, 70% in wGEU
Ammonium Nitrate, 54% in wEEE
Chromic Acid, 50% in wFGU
Ammonium Persulfate, 30% in wEEE
Chromium SaltsEEE
Ammonium Phosphate, 21% in wEEE
Citric Acid, 50% in wEEG
Ammonium SaltsEEE
Coconut OilFGE
Hydrobromic Acid, 20-50% in wUEU
Ammonium Sulfate, 40% in wEEE
Copper SaltsEEE
Hydrobromic Acid, 100% in wUEU
Amyl AcetateGUU
Corn SyrupEEE
Hydrochloric Acid, 10% in wEEF
Amyl AlcoholUEF
Cottonseed OilFGE
Hydrochloric Acid, 37% in wGEU
Amyl ChlorideFUU
Cresol (m, o, or p)UEU
Hydrocyanic AcidEEG
Cresylic AcidGUU
Hydrofluoric Acid, 10% in wUEU
Aniline HydrochlorideFUU
Cupric Chloride, 40% in wEEE
Hydrofluoric Acid, 25% in wUEU
Antimony SaltsEEE
Cupric Cyanide, 10% in dilute basesEEE
Hydrofluoric Acid, 40-48% in wUEU
Antimony TrichlorideEEF
Cupric Nitrate, 70% in wEEE
Hydriodic Acid, 55-58% in wGEU
Aqua RegiaUEU
Cupric Sulfate, 13% in wEEE
Hydrogen Peroxide, 3% in wEEE
Aqueous AmmoniaEEF
Hydrogen Peroxide, 10% in wEEE
Aromatic HydrocarbonsUUU
Hydrogen Peroxide, 30% in wEEF
Arsenic Acid, 20% in wFEE
Detergent SolutionsGEE
Hydrogen Peroxide, 90% in wGGU
Arsenic SaltsEEE
Diacetone AlcoholUEF
Hydrogen SulfideEEE
ASTM Reference No. 1 OilFUE
Dibutyl PhthalateEEU
Hydroquinone, 7% in wGEE
ASTM Reference No. 2 OilUUE
Hypochlorous Acid, 25% in wEEF
ASTM Reference No. 3 OilUUE
Diesel FuelUUG
Iodine, 50 ppm in wEEE
Barium Carbonate, 1% in wEEE
Diethylamine, 2.5% in wEEE
Isobutyl AlcoholFEU
Barium Chloride, 27% in wEEE
Diethylene GlycolEEE
Barium Hydroxide, 5% in wEEE
Diethyl EtherFUU
Isopropyl AcetateGUU
Barium SaltsEEE
Isopropyl AlcoholFEU
Barium Sulfate, <1% in dilute acidsEEE
Isopropyl EtherFUU
Barium SulfideEEE
Dioctyl PhthalateEEU
Jet Fuel, Jp8UUG
Ethyl AcetateFGU
Lacquer SolventsGUU
Benzenesulfonic AcidUUU
Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol)FEU
Lactic Acid, 3-10% in wEEG
Benzoic AcidEEU
Ethyl BenzoateUUU
Lactic Acid, 85% in wGEU
Benzyl AlcoholEEU
Ethyl ChlorideFUU
Lard, Animal FatFGE
Bleach Liquor, 22% in wEEG
Ethyl EtherFUU
Lead Acetate, 35% in wEEE
Borax, 6% in wEEE
Ethylamine, 70% in wUGU
Lead Nitrate, 27% in wEEE
Boric Acid, 4% in wEEE
Ethylene BromideUFU
Lead SaltsEEE
Lemon OilUUG
Sodium PersulfateEEE
Lime Slurry (Calcium Hydroxide)EEU
Peracetic acidUE-
Sodium Peroxide, 20% in wEEE
Perchloric Acid, 67% in wEEU
Sodium Phosphate, 30% in wEEE
Linoleic AcidFFG
Sodium SaltsEEE
Linseed OilFGE
Phenol, 5-10% in wEEU
Sodium Sulfate, 38% in wEEE
Lubricating Oils, PetroleumUUE
Phenol, 91% in wEEU
Sodium Sulfide, 45% in wEEE
Magnesium Carbonate, 1% in wEEE
Phosphoric Acid, <10% in wEEE
Sodium Sulfite, 10% in wEEE
Magnesium Chloride, 35% in wEEE
Phosphoric Acid, 25% in wEEE
Stannic Chloride, 50% in wEEF
Magnesium HydroxideEEE
Phosphoric Acid, 85% in wEEU
Stannous Chloride, 45% in wEEE
Magnesium Hydroxide,10% in acidsEEE
Phosphorous Trichloride AcidGEU
Stearic Acid, 5% in alcFFG
Magnesium Nitrate, 50% in wEEE
Photographic SolutionsGEE
Styrene MonomerUUU
Magnesium Sulfate, 25% in wEEE
Phthalic Acid, 9% in alcEEU
Sulfur ChlorideUEU
Maleic Acid, 30% in wFFG
Phthalic Anhydride, 9% in alcEEU
Sulfur Dioxide, Gas DryEEF
Malic Acid, 36% in wEEG
Picric Acid, 1% in wUEU
Sulfur Dioxide, Gas WetEEF
Manganese SaltsEEE
Plating SolutionsEEU
Sulfur Trioxide, WetGGU
Manganese Sulfate, 34% in wEEE
Polyaluminum Chloride (PAC) in wEE-
Sulfuric Acid, 10% in wEEE
Mercuric Chloride, 6% in wEEE
Potassium Amyl Xanthate (PAX)-G-
Sulfuric Acid, 30% in wEEU
Mercuric Cyanide, 8% in wEEE
Potassium Carbonate, 55% in wEEE
Sulfuric Acid, 95-98% in wUEU
Mercurous Nitrate, 10% in dilute acidsEEE
Potassium Chloride, 20% in wEEE
Sulfurous AcidEEE
Potassium Cyanide, 33% in wEEE
Tannic Acid, 75% in wGEU
Mercury SaltsEEE
Potassium Dichromate, 5% in wEEE
Tanning SolutionsEEF
Methane GasEEE
Potassium Hydroxide, 43% in wEEU
Tartaric Acid, 56% in wEEE
Methyl AcetateGUU
Potassium Hypochlorite, 70% in wEEE
Methyl Alcohol (Methanol)EEU
Potassium Iodide, 56% in wEEE
Thionyl ChlorideEEF
Methyl BromideFUU
Potassium Nitrate, 10% in wEEE
Tin SaltsEEE
Methyl ChlorideFUU
Potassium Oxide, 50% in wEEE
Titanium SaltsEEE
Methyl Ethyl KetoneUFU
Potassium Permanganate, 6% in wEEE
Methyl Isobutyl KetoneUFU
Potassium SaltsEEE
Trichloroacetic Acid, 90% in wGEU
Methylene ChlorideFUU
Potassium Sulfate, 10% in wEEE
Methyl MethacrylateUUU
Potassium Sulfide, 20% in wEEE
Propyl Alcohol (Propanol)FEU
Mineral OilUUE
Propylene GlycolEEE
Mineral SpiritsUUG
Propylene OxideEEE
Tricresyl PhosphateEEU
Trisodium PhosphateEEE
Salicylic Acid, 1% in wEEG
Motor OilUUE
Silicone OilsFEE
Urea, 20% in wEEE
Silver Nitrate, 55% in wEEE
Uric AcidEEF
Skydrol 500AUUG
Nickel Chloride, 40% in wEEE
Soap SolutionsGEE
Vinyl AcetateGUU
Nickel Nitrate, 75% in wEEE
Sodium Acetate, 55% in wEGU
Water, BrineEEE
Nickel SaltsEEE
Sodium AluminateEEU
Water, DeionizedEEE
Nickel Sulfate, 25% in wEEE
Sodium Benzoate, 22% in wEEE
Water, DistilledEEE
Nitric Acid, 10% in wEEU
Sodium Bicarbonate, 7% in wEEE
Nitric Acid, 35% in wEEU
Sodium Bisulfate, 50% in wEEE
Zinc Chloride, 80% in wEEE
Nitric Acid, 68-71% in wUEU
Sodium BisulfiteEEE
Zinc SaltsEEE
Sodium Carbonate,7% in w (soda ash)EEE
Zinc Sulfate, 30% in wEEE
Sodium Chlorate, 45% in wEEE
Nitrous Acid, 10% in wEEF
Sodium Chloride, 20% in wEEE
Oils, AnimalFGE
Sodium Chlorite, 12% inE--
Oils, EssentialUUF
Sodium Cyanide, 30% in wEEU
Oils, Hydraulic (Phosphate Ester)UUG
Sodium Dichromate, 70% in wEEE
Oils, HydrocarbonUUE
Sodium Fluoride, 3% in wEEE
Oils, VegetableFGE
Sodium Hydroxide, 10-15% in wEEU
Oleic AcidFFG
Sodium Hydroxide, 30-50% in wEEU
Oleum, 25% in wEEU
Sodium Hypochlorite, 25% in wEEG
Ortho DichlorobenzeneUUU
Sodium Nitrate, 3.5% in wEEE
Oxalic Acid, 12% in wGEU
Sodium Perborate, 25% in wEEE
Ozone, 300pphmEEE
Sodium Permanganate, 20% in wE--
Palmitic Acid, 100% in etherFFG
Sodium Permanganate, 40% in wU--

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