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The Flow Meter of Choice for the Aquatics Industry: The F-300

In the early days of the pool industry, King aimed to create vital products for the aquatics field, with the standout being the NSF 50-listed F-300 Series Flow Meter, known for its excellent quality.

In the early years of the pool industry, many of the products we now take for granted were simply not available. Blue-White founder, Ozzie King’s goal was to design and create those products for the growing industry, and Aquatics Industry Professionals have relied on Blue-White Products since 1957 when King transitioned from leading Southern California Pool Builder to the manufacturing of products he knew the industry needed, and which included the features and benefits Aquatics Professionals want.

King had the vision and imagination to see the future of aquatics and the types of products that would eventually be needed, as well as the skill to design and create those products. Among his contributions to the industry were, the first underwater pool light to ever be approved by the City of Los Angeles, a D.I. Filter, and the Weir Gate Skimmer.

Ozzie also designed and built chemical feed pumps to dispense Chlorine and Liquid Acid into swim pools, and today at Blue-White, we proudly carry on the tradition of manufacturing the highest quality, most innovative, and dependable products for commercial pools, aquatics centers, water slides, and other aquatics features.

Among our most widely known products is the industry favorite F-300 Series Flow Meter. No one manufactures a higher quality, more dependable flow meter in its class. Period. Important to note is, all F-300 Series Flow Meters are NSF 50 listed. County Health Authorities insist that all aquatics industry flow meters be NSF 50 listed, and Blue-White F-300 Flow Meters meet that requirement.

f 300 bg 1 scaled
F-300 Installed and ready for fluid measurement.

Flow meters are installed after the filtration system in commercial aquatics applications. This enables service persons or health inspectors to tell at a glance if the recirculating pump is pushing an adequate amount of water to ensure optimum water turnover (filtration).

The F-300 flow meter is engineered to deliver accuracy to ±5%, and less than 1PSI pressure drop. The meter’s aerodynamic pitot tube allows for smooth flow of the water through the meter, and there is no float bounce. The red PVDF float is non-stick, chemical resistant, and the bright red color enhances readability. Blue-White’s signature red cap won’t crack or fade.

F-300 installation example

The F-300 requires a minimal straight run of pipe to work effectively, making them an excellent choice for cramped equipment rooms. In addition, the F-300 ships complete with a gasket seal and two stainless steel mounting clamps to facilitate fast and easy install.

Blue-White’s F-300 Series is offered in both Horizontal and Vertical Mount Units to ensure you can get the Best Flow Meter for your unique installation.

Written by:
Jeanne Hendrickson
Blue-White® Industries

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