An Excellent Choice for Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment Applications

F-2000 Series Digital Paddlewheel Flow Meters for Municipal applications.

BW DIGIMETER® F-2000 Series electronic insertion style flow meters, are well suited for monitoring flow in municipal water and wastewater treatment applications.

The insertion sensor is quickly installed on IPS (ASTM-D-1785) pipe sizes from 1-1/2” through 12” and metric (DIN 8062) pipe sizes from 50mm through 315mm. The electronic display and communication enclosure can be mounted directly to the sensor, or remotely mounted to a pipe or panel.

Standard F-2000 models display flow rate and accumulated total flow, and includes an NPN open collector output for communication with data loggers, SCADA systems, and other external devices. Optional 4-20 mA / 0-10 VDC plug-in circuitry can be added for additional communication requirements.

F 2000 flow sensor
F-2000 Paddlewheel flow meter with flow sensor

The optional batch processing plug-in circuitry includes an 8-amp relay board that adds manual or automatic batch processing capability, or a high/low flow rate alarm output.

The electronics can be battery operated using four standard AA-size batteries or, AC powered using a 15-24V DC plug-in transformer. A battery backup option is also available. Battery life in standard mode is a minimum of one year. A battery-saving mode is available.

LCD display icons indicate the current operating mode, and warn of a low battery power condition. The memory is nonvolatile, and therefore is not affected by loss of power.

The F-2000 Series is field programmable, and the programming mode is easily accessed via three front panel tactile switches. The unit can be factory programmed to any required units of measure. The digital display is housed in a corrosion-resistant ABS enclosure and is acceptable for outdoor use.

Consider the BW-DIGIMETER® F-2000 for Your Water / Wastewater Treatment Application



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Written By:
Jeanne Hendrickson
, Blue-White Industries

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