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Injection Fittings

Injects chemicals into your system

Our injection fittings ensure that chemical feed injects into the process stream while preventing the process fluid from returning to the chemical line.

The built-in check valve contains a ceramic ball that prevents siphoning, which makes changing a tube an easy process. 


  • Injection Fittings are designed to install directly into female pipe threads (NPT)
  • The nose section is designed to inject the chemical
  • Available in ½” Barb, ½” M/NPT, and ⅜” OD x ¼” ID
Benefits of Injection Fittings
  • Inject chemicals with precision
  • Built-in ceramic ball prevents backflow
Installation Options
  • Tee Fitting
    • Install the Injection Fitting directly into a tee fitting
    • The solution should inject directly into the flow stream
  • Pipe
    • Install the Injection Fitting directly into pipe
    • Drill the correct size hole and then tap the hole for ¼ʺ or ½ʺ NPT

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