Introducing DiaFlex®

The worlds first single-layer injection molded PVDF diaphragm

Zero Breakdown • Zero Delamination

CD1 DiaFlex Exploded View
DiaFlex Diaphragm

Innovative design for a longer-lasting diaphragm

Blue-White’s exclusive DiaFlex® High-Performance Diaphragm is constructed of PVDF for exceptional chemical compatibility and is manufactured 100% in-house.

DiaFlex® incorporates an innovative single-layer design, rather than the multiple layers of traditional diaphragms. Because there are no multiple layers, DiaFlex® diaphragms exhibit zero breakdown or delamination, virtually eliminating field maintenance and downtime.

DiaFlex Diaphragm

Guaranteed to last the life of the pump

DiaFlex® is standard on many of our CHEM-FEED® diaphragm pumps and is guaranteed to last the life of the pump!

DiaFlex® diaphragms are warranted for the life of the pump. Blue-White will replace a damaged diaphragm at no cost to the customer provided that the pump was, at all times, operated within the guidelines included in the pump’s operation manual.

Note: This warranty only applies to DiaFlex® diaphragms, not the pumps themselves. Blue-White pumps are separately covered by warranties specific to them.

CD1 DiaFlex Diaphragm

Exclusive to the following CHEM-FEED® Metering Pumps:

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