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FLEXFLO® M5 Water Treatment Plant Install

Blue-White® team supports Puerto Rico water plant in upgrading to FLEXFLO® M5 pumps, showcasing their commitment to exceptional customer service.
Puerto Rico Training 04 scaled

At Blue-White®, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality customer support, and that has never been more evident than when two Blue-White team members took a recent trip to Puerto Rico. The sole purpose of the trip was to assist the local water treatment plant with training and installation of FLEXFLO® M5 Peristaltic Chemical Feed Pumps.

The facility furnishes drinking water to metropolitan San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is currently treating 75 million gallons a day, but will scale up to 90 million gallons a day in the coming months. A 150 million dollar upgrade is being planned for the treatment plant.

Puerto Rico Training 03 scaled

The facility had been using four FLEXFLO® M4 Peristaltic Metering Pumps to dose polymer to the system, however, when they learned of the larger capacity FLEXFLO® M5 pump they felt it would be advantageous to make the switch to one M5 running at 33% capacity. A second M5 was purchased as a backup pump.

The switch was made, however, after installation of the M5 unit the operator experienced an error and could not resolve the matter on his own. Two of Blue-White’s pump technicians, Hip Camacho and Igor Tsipkis booked a flight to help the treatment plant get their pump up and running.

It turned out it wasn’t a simple matter of boarding a flight, Hip and Igor experienced a long flight delay due to winter weather, followed by another flight delay due to mechanical issues with the aircraft. We’re happy to say they arrived safely just one day later than originally scheduled.

Puerto Rican Coffee Break

Hip and Igor discovered the problem was related to an installation error. The initial problem was quickly rectified, and the pump was running smoothly. A second pump had yet to be installed and before installation of the second unit began, Igor and Hip conducted training for the operators. Then, stepped back and watched as the gentleman installed the pump. If an error was made, the operator was stopped long enough for Hip and Igor to discuss and demonstrate the correct procedure.

On day three the Blue-White Team simply stood by, ready to answer any questions or give a hand if needed. They also enjoyed a special treat. One of the operators brought in a thermos of coffee which he’d made with beans grown in his own backyard, to share with the group. Word is, it was delicious.

When you’re looking for high performance chemical feed pumps backed by top notch service, Blue-White’s here to help.

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