Case Studies

Chem-Pro Dosing Liquid Fertilizer

Chem-Pro® C2 – Farming Application

Blue-White’s® ProSeries® line of Chem-Pro® C2 and C3 diaphragm metering pumps ensure precision chemical feed (dosing). In addition, C2 and C3 offer excellent chemical resistance and years of dependable service.
Stone Brewing Company

Stone Brewing Chooses Blue-White to Assist with Water Reclamation

Stone Brewing, Co. LLC., located in Escondido, California, is a strong advocate for environmental responsibility. They have grown from a small microbrewery to one of the largest craft breweries in the United States.
FLEX-PRO® Peristaltic Pump Skid

FLEX-PRO® A3V with CHEM-FEED Skid System – Stanton Energy

Southern Company’s Stanton Energy Center located in Orlando, FL. Stanton Unit A is a natural gas-fueled, combined-cycle electric-generating unit with a capacity to generate 656 megawatts.