Component Control System

U.S. Patent 8,639,363

Eliminates Need for External PLC

A method used to control two or more positive displacement pumps in a system. The Component Control System ensures that two or more positive displacement pumps, operating in a system together, will run only if all pumps in the system are running.
This can reduce costs by eliminating the need for separate pump controllers for each unit. This feature will be particularly important when failure of one pump to meter chemical could have a damaging effect on the entire process, for example; when pumping two or more chemicals into a system using multiple pumps, particularly when two or more chemicals rely on one-another to achieve desired results (i.e. Chemical reaction).

With the patented Component Control System, if one pump should stop running for any reason, all pumps will stop running.

This patented feature is currently available for:

ProSeries® FlexPro® A3

ProSeries® FlexPro® A4