Industrial Water Treatment

Blue-White’s chemical metering pumps and flowmeters offer reliable solutions for a wide array of industrial applications.

Blue-White metering pumps are typically used to improve the quality of water to make it suitable for specific industrial processes. Chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide are injected for disinfection or oxidation. Other applications include metering polymers to coagulate suspended solids for removal from the water, polyphosphates for corrosion and scale control, and acids for pH control of the process water.

In addition, Blue-White pumps are used to help preserve our natural resources, and aide in remediation, chlorination and filtration processes necessary to comply with environmental regulations. Our Pumps and Flowmeters make water cleaner and safer for all economic regions and applications. From rural water sources to high density city-scapes, Blue-White continues to develop pumps and flowmeters ranging from basic to sophisticated for a diverse range of application challenges.

Chemical Feed Pumps