Improved Paddlewheel Life

Improved paddle life on all Digi-Meter paddlewheel flowmeters

After months of testing different material combinations and mating part tolerances, we’ve been able to drastically improve our paddle and axle life over 200% (in some cases up to 400%).

The best part is, you can upgrade your existing Digi-Meter flowmeter without changing the K-factor. Just replace your existing paddle and axle with the new set, and your done.

See How to replace the paddle / axle.

Whenever the paddle or the axle needs replacing, Blue-White highly recommends you replace both.

The data collected over the past five years indicates that most paddle wear is caused in applications using DI (Deionized) water. DI water is known for being an aggressive fluid, sometimes called “hungry water.”

This test was conducted at our factory using DI water (conductivity of 5 micromhos). We maintained a DI water flow velocity that exceeds 25 feet per second! The test ran 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

Wetted Materials

Axle = PVDF (Kynar)
Paddle = PVDF (Kynar)
Body / Fitting = PVDF or Polysulfone or PVC or Stainless Steel
(depending on selected pipe fitting)
O-ring = Viton or EP (Viton is standard)