Proseries® Sonic-Pro®:

S6A Chemical Feed Flowmeter

  • Flow Rates:

    10 – 5,000 mL/min and 100 – 10,000 mL/min



  • Signal Outputs:

    4-20 mA, 0 – 10,000 Hz, volume triggered Pulse and Alarm Relay

S3 Hybrid Ultrasonic Flowmeter


    ½” to 100″ pipe




    Doppler and Transit Time

In the Field:


Enzyme Injection Monitoring for Groundwater Remediation – Oil Company

URS Div. of URS Corp. provides groundwater remediation services for the Shell Oil Co.’s Carson Terminal in Southern California. The groundwater is contaminated by some unknown bacterial/chemical agent. During the remediation process, the water is pumped through PVC and HDPE pipes, through a series of filters and into a processing chamber where enzymes are injected before being returned to the ground. To be effective, the enzymes must be accurately injected into the water at a rate that is proportional to the water flow rate…


Sonic-Pro® S3 Flowmeter Helps Maintain ‘Food to Microorganisim’ Balance in Return Activated Sludge Line

Keene Waste Water Treatment Plant required flow measurement in a Return Activated Sludge line. Previously, a Magnetic Flowmeter had been selected for the job, however they were getting a high variance in read out measurements. It was determined that there were stray electrical interference currents causing the inaccurate readings. Due to its failure in accuracy, Keene Waste Water Treatment Plant sought an alternative that would handle the job. Because Ultrasonic Flowmeters only measure sound waves, the electrical interference would not hinder its performance…


Sonic-Pro S3 Ultrasonic Flowmeter Remotely Monitors Water Wells at Egg Farm

Monitoring water flow into the complex in the summer months, as well as in the winter, is very important. Should a problem occur at one of the well sites, it must be diagnosed and resolved as quickly as possible. To ensure an adequate supply of water, Rainbow Farms determined that remote monitoring was required to monitor the critical water output from four different well sites which are spaced approximately ¼ mile apart on the 640 acre complex…

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