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Paddlewheel Flowmeter Models

  • Display mount options: Panel, Wall or Pipe Mount with up to 200ft range (AC Coil Sensor), 1 mile range (Hall Effect Sensor), or Pipe Fitting
  • Battery Operated – Optional (Rate and Total Model)
  • Capabilities Include: Rate & Total, Analog Output, Batch Processing, Proportional Metering, Flow Rate Alarm
  • Flow ranges include: 0.4GPM to 8000GPM (varies per model and pipe size)
  • Display mounted on Pipe Fitting
  • Battery Operated
  • Capabilities Include: Rate & Total
  • Flow ranges include: 0.4GPM to 8000GPM (varies per model and pipe size)
  • Sensor or Panel / Mount display
  • Transformer Power Required
  • Capabilities Include: Rate & Total, Analog Output
  • Low Flow Applications: 30-7000ml/min (Flow ranges vary per model)

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Paddlewheel Flowmeters – Getting the Job Done

Paddlewheel flowmeters are easy to install and operate, resulting in a very low overall cost of ownership. Relatively low cost paddlewheel style electronic flowmeters are proof that high cost doesn’t always mean better value…


Paddlewheel Flowmeters and why they are popular

Those of us in the instrumentation industry know there is a simple rule; if you want higher accuracy, it will usually cost more money. Paddlewheel Flowmeters come very close to dispelling that rule. Due to modern technology, advanced plastics and metals, solid-state circuitry, and good old capitalism the high cost of accuracy has been challenged. With the use of computer-enabled testing facilities, paddle sensors are individually bench tested and are accurate to within 1% of the full scale range reading…

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