Stanton Energy cuts costs with FLEX-PRO® A3V

The CHEM-FEED® Dual Peristaltic Pump Engineered Skid System manufactured by Blue-White Industries. The skid consists of two FLEX-PRO® A3 Peristaltic Pumps, a calibration cylinder and Plast-O-Matic components, (e.g., eight True Blue manual ball valves, two diaphragm check valves, a gauge with gauge guard, and a relief valve.)  Skid Model Number: CFS-2AA-AAAXBA. Pump Model Number:  A3V24-MNJ.

LOCATION: Southern Company’s Stanton Energy Center located in Orlando, FL. Stanton Unit A is a natural gas-fueled, combined-cycle electric-generating unit with a capacity to generate 656 megawatts.  The combined-cycle plant includes two natural gas-fired combustion turbines, two heat-recovery steam generators and a steam turbine.

APPLICATION: Injecting 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite (250 – 300 GPD) into the reuse water to prevent biological build-up within the water tubes of the condenser. Any buildup within the condenser would greatly reduce the efficiency to produce steam, hence less mechanical power. In a condensing turbine, the thermal energy of steam is converted into mechanical power, which is converted into electric power by a generator.

PREVIOUS METHOD: Southern Power elected to implement the changeover from Chlorine gas to Sodium Hypochlorite due to cost reducing measures. Maintaining the liquid gas on site required the full- time support of an Emergency Management Team. Eliminating the EMT would reduce operating expenses.

REASON FOR SELECTING THE PERISTALTIC PUMP TECHNOLOGY: The peristaltic pump has proven to be far superior to that of any diaphragm pump when injecting gaseous chemicals against moderate to low pressures. The peristaltic pump maintains a smooth, constant flow rate while eliminating the potential for a vapor lock. The diaphragm pump is adversely effected by off gassing, hence the potential to lose prime.  However, the peristaltic pump technology allows any excess gas build-up to be pumped through the tubing while maintaining a highly accurate and continual flow.

REASON FOR SELECTING THE CHEM-FEED® ENGINEERED SKID SYSTEM: The CHEM-FEED® Skid System is a quality engineered; compact, efficient design, incorporating a high quality, proven FLEX-PRO® peristaltic pump and Plast-O-Matic components that will maintain the integrity of the skid system’s performance. The skid encompasses a full chemical feed design that is less expensive and easy to install as opposed to purchasing the components separately and using an in-house engineering team to design and assemble. In addition, the dual pump CHEM-FEED® model offered an excellent option to an emergency back-up in case down time was required on the primary pump. Lastly, the local chemical feed skid manufacturers proposed out- dated technology of a diaphragm pump based skid system as well as using components that were far less inferior to the Plast-O-Matic components used with the CHEM-FEED® Skid System.

RESULTS: Southern Power is extremely pleased with the CHEM-FEED® performance since it has been installed in September 2010. The ease of installation of a UPS delivered chemical feed skid system was a remarkable feature, far exceeding their expectations. The CHEM-FEED® Skid System comprised of the A3 peristaltic pumps should expect to see a minimum of 7000 – 7500 hours of tube life based on previous applications with similar chemicals and pressure ranges of less the 20 PSI.