Ten FLEX-PRO A3V pumps installed for Chlorine injection.

Peristaltic pumps cannot vapor-lock making them ideal for injecting bleach and other fluids that have a tendency to off-gas.

FLEX-PRO pumps can handle continuous pressures up to 125 psig (8.6 bar).

Same ten chlorine pumps wired to a SCADA system, which monitors pump output and alarm responses.

Out of the box, the FLEX-PRO peristaltic pumps are ready to communicate to virtually any SCADA system.

The Patented TFD (tube failure detection) can trigger alarms and start back-up pumps.

More diaphragm pumps are replaced with peristaltic pumps. This is mainly due to the peristaltic pumps inability to vapor-lock.

Four more A3Vs are in the process of being installed elsewhere within the same facility.

In some areas of the facility, the A-100N peristaltic pump was able to meet the system requirements.

FLEX-PRO Peristaltic pump being used as the primary fluoridation pump.

Peristaltic pump wins out over solenoid diaphragm pump in plant operator’s trial run in the fluoride room.

The fluoride pumps are wired via 4-20mA into the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system for monitoring and alarm responses.