Chem-Feed_Industrial Dual Plastic Skid System

Introducing the CHEM-FEED® CFPS-2 Dual Plastic Skid System

Blue-White Industries is proud to announce our brand new CHEM-FEED® CFPS-2 Dual Plastic Skid System. This new polyethylene skid system was designed and engineered using solid modeling tools for superior piping installation and easy component maintenance. Custom engineered universal mounting blocks provide for easy component servicing and replacement. Lightweight for wall of floor mounting. Each factory built and tested system includes the following standard components:

  • Pressure Relief Valve – Protects the system from over-pressurization, 10-150 psi setting range, 150 psi maximum system pressure.
  • Check Valve – Protects the user from back-flow during pump maintenance.
  • Flow Indicator – Provides a visual indication of chemical movement through the system.
  • Inlet Y Strainer – Recommended for Diaphragm Pump systems.

The following optional components are available for specification (see the ordering matrix):

  • Calibration Cylinder – Confirm pump output under system conditions. Specify cylinder volumes from 1.6 GPH to 64 GPH.
  • Pulsation Dampener – Protect the system components from pulsation. Recommended for diaphragm pump systems.
  • Pressure Gauge with Guard – Isolate and protect the system pressure gauge. Specify pressure ranges from 0-30 psi, 0-100psi, or 0-200 psi.
  • S6A Chemical Flowmeter– Provides 4-20mA and pulse output data to SCADA and to the pump to verify chemical feed – see S6A data sheet for more details.