Mounting Location

  • Choose an area located near the chemical supply tank, chemical injection point and electrical supply. Although the pump is designed to withstand outdoor conditions, a cool, dry, well ventilated location is recommended. Install the pump where it can be easily serviced.
  • Mount the pump to a secure surface or wall using the enclosed hardware. Wall mount to a solid surface only. Mounting to drywall with anchors is not recommended.
  • Do not mount the pump directly over your chemical container. Chemical fumes may damage the unit. Mount the pump off to the side or at a lower level than the chemical container opening.
  • Mounting the pump lower than the chemical container will gravity feed the chemical into the pump. This “flooded suction” installation can reduce the time required to prime the pump. Install a shut-off valve, pinch clamp or other means to halt the gravity feed to the pump during servicing.
  • Your solution tank should be sturdy. Keep the tank covered to reduce fumes.
  • Be sure your installation does not constitute a cross connection with the drinking water supply. Check your local plumbing codes.