Proportional Feed System

Proportional Control System: utilizing Paddlewheel Flowmeter to Trigger Injection Pump
Tank sizes include: 7 gallon, 15 gallon, 30 gallon

Proportional Control System Features

  • The F-2000 digital paddlewheel flowmeter includes circuitry that automatically turns on your metering pump for a preset injection time, from 1 through 999 seconds, per volume of fluid flow measured.
  • The simple relay switch (8A 115/230Vac) can be used to control any electrically operated device such as a metering pump, centrifugal pump, solenoid valve, etc.
  • Maintains a constant chemical injection to water flow ratio regardless of changes in the system flow rate or pressure.
  • Setpoint status icon indicates when chemical is being injected.
  • Total number of injections (batches) is recorded and displayed.
  • When purchased as a Flowmeter & Pump system kit, the system is factory wired and tested for easy installation.
  • Hundreds of Flowmeter and Pump combinations from which to choose.