FLOWREAD™ Pool Efficiency Flowmeter

Optimize the health of your pool and save money

Flow Range: 10 - 150 GPM
Pipe sizes: 1½″, 2″, 2½
Clamp-On - Insertion Mount

The FLOWREAD™ Flowmeter is designed specifically to measure the exact gallons per minute going through a pool system to help maximize energy savings and improve water quality. It installs in minutes, works with any pool, and requires no unions, adapters, primer, PVC cement, hacksaws, or PVC pipe cutting tools. Made in the USA.

  • Flow Range: 10-150 GPM
  • 1.5”, 2”, 2.5” – Horizontal flow only
  • Well suited for closed pipe installations
  • Easy to read scale, UV screen printed on both sides of the meter body
  • Acceptable for outdoor installations (direct sunlight okay)
  • Pitot Tube (impact tube) design makes it easy to install on existing pipe
  • One piece, machined acrylic meter body
  • Included SS clamps and gasket seal
  • For use on PVC Pipes