A2P Pool Pump

FLEXFLO® A2P Acid and Liquid Chlorine Feeder

For Commercial Aquatics and Water Parks

Output Range: .055 – 15.9 GPH (.21 – 60.2 LPH)
Max Pressure: 50 PSI (3.4 bar)

Specially designed for commercial aquatics and water parks, the A2P enables users who require higher chemical feed requirements for sanitizing (sodium hypochlorite) and pH adjustment (acid) to move away from diaphragm technology and the inherent challenges experienced with these chemicals and adapt to peristaltic technology for less service, more trouble free and reliable chem feed solution.

NSF 61 Listed




Quick Disconnect Fittings Make Changing Tubes a Snap

ORANGE Outlet / discharge fitting
has an automatic (active) functioning check valve, preventing chemical back flow.

NATURAL Inlet / suction fitting
functions as a check valve when tubing is detached, preventing loss of prime and spills while changing the tubing assembly. The valve is forced open when the tubing assembly is attached.