F-462 Polysulfone Molded

F-462 Polysulfone Molded

Pipe sizes: 2″ female NPT fittings
2″ socket fusion
63mm Butt Fusion
Flow from: 2 to 80 GPM / 8 to 300 LPM
No Metal – UltraPure Applications

Ideal for corrosive environments such as Deionized Water (DI Water) or other applications where an all plastic meter is desirable.

  • Designed for in-line installation (Vertical)
  • 2” and 63mm Pipe Size
  • F/NPT, Socket Fusion and Butt Fusion connections
  • Rib Guided Float
  • No Metal in the fluid path
  • Optional polycarbonate splash shield.
  • Not recommended for direct sunlight
  • OEM options available

Liquid (water)

  • 2-20 GPM / 6-76 LPM
  • 5-50 GPM / 20-200 LPM
  • 8-80 GPM / 30-300 LPM
Max. Working Pressure: 150 psig (10.3 bar) @ 70° F (21° C)
Max. Fluid Temperature:200° F (93° C) @ 0 PSI
Full Scale Accuracy:+/- 2½ %
Meter Body Material:Polysulfone
Adapter Material:2″ F/NPT: Polysulfone

2″ Socket Fusion: Polypropylene or PVDF

63mm Butt Fusion: Polypropylene or PVDF

Union Nuts:Glass fiber reinforced Nylon
Guide Rod Material:316 SS or Hastelloy C-276
O-ring Material:FKM (Optional EP)
Max Pressure Drop:2 PSI
Approx. Shipping Weight:5 lb. (2.27 kg)
Tech. Data Sheet (US) (PDF) (PN 85000-021)

Tech. Data Sheet (METRIC) (PDF) (PN 85000-075)

Instruction Manual (PDF) (PN 80000-395)

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