F-440 Polysulfone Molded

Pipe sizes: 3/8" , 1/2" , 3/4" male NPT
Flow from: .025 to 5 GPM (0.1 to 37.5 LPM)
Compact Size - Tight Installations
  • Tough Polysulfone meter body resists high temperatures and pressures
  • Compact size for tight installation spaces
  • 2” scale length
  • In-line or panel mount configurations available (for vertical installation)
  • Optional integral flow adjustment valve
  • Standard Models: 316 SS guide rod
  • K-Series: Hastelloy C guide rod (for corrosive environments)
  • Optional: SolarMeter® Brass Adapters
Max. Working Pressure:

175 psig (12.0 bar) @ 70° F (21° C)

Max. Fluid Temperature:

Models with Polysulfone adapters: 212° F (100° C) @ 0 PSI
SolarMeter® Models with Brass adapters: 240° F (115° C) @ 0 PSI

Full Scale Accuracy:

+/- 4%

Meter Body Material:


Adapter Material:

Models for 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ M/NPT: Polysulfone
Models for 3/8″ F/NPT and 1/2″, 3/4″ M/NPT or SWEAT: Brass

Guide Rod Material:

316 SS or Hastelloy C-276

O-ring Material:

FKM (Optional EP)

Approx. Shipping Weight:

1/2 lb. (0.23 kg)

Model Numbers

Standard Models for Liquid

In-Line Model NumberPanel Mount Model Number Adjustable Model NumberPipe Size (M/NPT)GPM RangeLPM RangeFloat Material
F-44250L-6 F-44250LE-6 F-44250LA-63/8”.025-.2500.1–1.0PVDF
F-44250L-8 F-44250LE-8 F-44250LA-81/2”.025-.2500.1–1.0PVDF
F-44375L-6 F-44375LE-6 F-44375LA-63/8” 0.1–1.00.4–4.0316SS
F-44375L-8 F-44375LE-8 F-44375LA-81/2” 0.1–1.00.4–4.0316SS
F-44376L-6 F-44376LE-6 F-44376LA-63/8” 0.2–2.00.8–8.0316SS
F-44376L-8 F-44376LE-8 F-44376LA-81/2” 0.2–2.00.8–8.0316SS
F-44500L-6 F-44500LE-6 F-44500LA-63/8” 0.5–5.01.8–18.0316SS
F-44500L-8 F-44500LE-8 F-44500LA-81/2” 0.5–5.01.8–18.0316SS
F-44750L-8 F-44750LE-8 F-44750LA-81/2” 1.0–10.05.0–37.5316SS
F-44750L-12 F-44750LE-12 F-44750LA-123/4” 1.0–10.05.0–37.5316SS
GPH Range LPH Range
F-44330L-6 F-44330LE-6 F-44330LA-63/8” 3.0–30.010–110PTFE
F-44330L-8 F-44330LE-8 F-44330LA-81/2” 3.0–30.010–110PTFE
F-44560L-6 F-44560LE-6 F-44560LA-63/8” 5.0–60.020–220316SS
F-44560L-8 F-44560LE-8 F-44560LA-81/2” 5.0–60.020–220316SS

K-Series – Specially Equipped Models for Liquid

In-Line Model NumberPanel Mount Model Number Adjustable Model NumberPipe Size (M/NPT)GPM RangeLPM RangeFloat Material
F-44250LK-6 F-44250LKE-6 F-44250LKA-63/8”.025-.2500.1–1.0PVDF
F-44250LK-8 F-44250LKE-8 F-44250LKA-81/2”.025-.2500.1–1.0PVDF
F-44375LK-6 F-44375LKE-6 F-44375LKA-63/8” 0.1–1.00.4–4.0PTFE
F-44375LK-8 F-44375LKE-8 F-44375LKA-81/2” 0.1–1.00.4–4.0PTFE
F-44376LK-6 F-44376LKE-6 F-44376LKA-63/8” 0.2–2.00.8–8.0Hastelloy
F-44376LK-8 F-44376LKE-8 F-44376LKA-81/2” 0.2–2.00.8–8.0 Hastelloy
F-44500LK-6 F-44500LKE-6 F-44500LKA-63/8” 0.5–5.01.8–18.0 Hastelloy
F-44500LK-8 F-44500LKE-8 F-44500LKA-81/2” 0.5–5.01.8–18.0 Hastelloy
F-44750LK-8 F-44750LKE-8 F-44750LKA-81/2” 1.0–10.05.0–37.5 Hastelloy
F-44750LK-12 F-44750LKE-12 F-44750LKA-123/4” 1.0–10.05.0–37.5 Hastelloy
GPH Range LPH Range
F-44330LK-6 F-44330LKE-6 F-44330LKA-63/8” 3.0–30.010–110PTFE
F-44330LK-8 F-44330LKE-8 F-44330LKA-81/2” 3.0–30.010–110PTFE
F-44560LK-6 F-44560LKE-6 F-44560LKA-63/8” 5.0–60.020–220PTFE
F-44560LK-8 F-44560LKE-8 F-44560LKA-81/2” 5.0–60.020–220PTFE

Standard Models for Liquid – Brass Adapters

Female NPT Model NumberMale NPT Model Number Sweat Model NumberPipe SizeGPM RangeLPM RangeFloat Material
F-44375LB-73/8” 0.1–1.00.4–1.0316SS
F-44375LB-9 F-44375LB-81/2” 0.1–1.00.4–4.0316SS
F-44365LB-71/2” 0.2–1.00.8–8.0316SS
F-44376LB-9 F-44376LB-81/2” 0.2–2.00.8–8.0316SS
F-44500LB-73/8” 0.5–2.01.8–18.0316SS
F-44500LB-9 F-44500LB-81/2” 0.5–5.01.8–18.0316SS
F-44750LB-13 F-44750LB-123/4” 1.0–10.05.0–37.5316SS
GPH Range LPH Range
F-44330LB-73/8” 3.0–30.010–110PTFE
F-44330LB-9 F-44330LB-81/2” 3.0–30.010–110PTFE
F-44560LB-73/8” 5.0–60.020–220316SS
F-44560LB-9 F-44560LB-81/2”5.0–60.020–220316SS

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Tech. Data Sheet (PDF) (PN 85000-090)

Instruction Manual (PDF) (PN 80000-440)

F-440 Inline Exploded View (PDF)

F-440 Panel Mount Exploded View (PDF)

F-440 Panel Mount / Adjustable Exploded View (PDF)