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Paddlewheel Flowmeters – Getting the Job Done

Paddlewheel Flowmeters Getting the Job Done OVERKILL COSTS Paddlewheel flowmeters are easy to install and operate, resulting in a very low overall cost of ownership. Relatively low cost paddlewheel style electronic flowmeters are proof that high cost doesn’t always mean better value. The components of a system must be able to perform the required task […]

Paddlewheel Flowmeters and why they are popular

Those of us in the instrumentation industry know there is a simple rule; if you want higher accuracy, it will usually cost more money. Paddlewheel Flowmeters come very close to dispelling that rule.

Maximize Chemical Injector Pump Performance – Car Wash Industry

  There are two primary pump classifications that spawn a multitude of subgroups, or branches. Displacement and dynamic are both essential pumps that are used throughout the carwash industry. Displacement pumps include two important categories, and further sub-categories: 1.) Reciprocating Diaphragm Piston 2.) Rotary Peristaltic Screw Vane Dynamic pumps also include two categories: 1.) Centrifugal […]

Variable Area Flowmeters offer Economy and Value

There are many sophisticated ‘high-tech’ instruments available for flow measurement, but not all applications require the technology of those often costly instruments. In fact, in some applications simple flowmeters can offer many advantages over more costly and technical instruments. Flow rate is a result of the velocity of a fluid and volume. Although flowmeters may […]

Confessions of a Chemical Feed Pump Manufacturer

If you are in the water conditioning or water treatment industry, manage a store, or are an installation professional, odds are excellent you know more than most about pumps. Here are a few things I’m fairly sure you didn’t know.

Inside Information on Chemical Feeders in the Swimming Pool Industry

Today’s modern swimming pools may include one or more of the above pumps. Centrifugal pumps are used for pumping large amounts of water, of particular importance in water recirculation. Piston pumps are of importance in water reclamation, such as reverse osmosis systems.