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Why Choose Digital Paddlewheel Flow Meters for Aquatics Applications?

Digital paddlewheel flow meters offer the added flexibility for installation on both horizontal or vertical pipes, with both local and remote display options.
Digital Paddlewheel Flow Meters

For the health and safety of all those who enjoy the use of aquatics facilities, such as public pools, waterslides, water parks, and other aquatics features, city health inspectors regularly check water safety at these venues.

Commercial aquatics facilities are required to verify the turnover rate is at least three times the volume of the feature during each 24-hour period. In order to facilitate inspection, flow meters are required to be installed on all commercial aquatics features so that the flow rate through the lines can be confirmed.

The BW DIGI-METER®’s easy-to-read LCD display makes flow verification quick and simple. The flow meter completely skips the requirement for a calculation by mechanically measuring the actual flow moving through the pipes. While the flow value can still vary in the system with

changing conditions such as a dirty filter; any changes in flow can be easily noted and recorded to make sure that the flow rate is sufficient for the filtration needs of the feature.

In addition to filtration schedules, a crucial reason to verify actual flow rates is to make sure they’re within equipment parameters. For example, all filters have a maximum designed flow rate, which is the maximum flow volume that the filter can handle before you risk damaging the filter or filter media.

While at one time this was far less of an issue, newer pumps are more powerful than ever, and many of the larger variable speed pumps are capable of exceeding maximum designed flow rates for some filters.

Heaters also have minimum flow rates as well as optimal flow rates, which you must have a flow meter to effectively dial in. Running a variable speed pump at either too low or too high of RPM speed could potentially cause your aquatics feature to be under-filtered or potentially exceed the maximum designed flow rates for your other pieces of equipment.

Digital paddlewheel technology offers a more accurate and precise flow measurement reading than conventional mechanical pitot-tube or impact-type flow meters. In addition, paddle-wheel flow meters offer the added flexibility for installation on both horizontal or vertical pipes, with both local and remote display options. Additionally, the paddlewheel flow meter has optional analog output capability, which offers the ability to control the Variable Speed Motors and communicate with Variable Frequency Drives.

In conclusion, the BW DIGI-METER® F-1000 is used to monitor flow rates in circulation systems to stay in compliance with health departments. They are also used for monitoring water features like slides in water parks and can be used to monitor backwash lines for filtration systems.

They are highly accurate and economic meters that can measure a variety of aquatic applications.  

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F-1000 Digital Paddlewheel Flow Meter


.4 - 8000 1 - 27000
300 20
Pipe Sizes
⅜”, up to 12”



.4 - 8000 1 - 27000
300 20
Pipe Sizes
⅜”, up to 12”

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